Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Platinum for Mother’s Day

Consider for Mom's Day...

Aaron Basha: A Platinum and diamond diaper pin by Aaron Basha (right)

Kirk Kara: This pair of Platinum and diamond double-drop earrings by Kira Kara are a feminine twist on the trendy drop earrings that are hot this year. This way Mom can stay in style, and remain fashionable long after Mother’s Day ends. (left)

Hearts On Fire Platinum Enduring Pendant: A Platinum and diamond “enduring” pendant necklace by Hearts On Fire is a delicate gift and perfect for Mom to wear into the summer season.

Samuel Getz Platinum Mother Earth Ring: A Platinum, sapphire and tsavorite garnet ring by Samuel Getz is a one-of-a-kind gift that is inspired by “Mother Earth” and is perfect for the mother who seems to take on the world for her kids.

Moms love Platinum jewelry because it’s hypoallergenic and sturdy (so it can be worn when they are with their little kiddies), and it lasts a lifetime….so moms can pass the jewelry along to their children.