Thursday, April 13, 2006

Downloadable iPod Versions Of Mark Blanchard’s
Progressive Power Yoga®” Workouts

The Progressive Power Yoga® Workouts Are The First In The Yoga Exercise
Industry To Become Available For Download To Portable iPod Video

From yoga master Mark Blanchard comes the
release of Mark Blanchard’s Progressive Power Yoga® System workout
videos that are now available for download to portable iPod devices.
The downloadable versions of Blanchard’s popular yoga workout videos
are the first of their kind in the yoga exercise industry to become
available for download. Now the same popular Mark Blanchard power yoga
workout videos that are available on DVDs can also be downloaded to
portable iPods. Power yoga enthusiasts can take Mark Blanchard’s
Progressive Power Yoga® workout videos with them wherever they travel
around the world.

Progressive Power Yoga® workouts available for download include the
recently released Mark Blanchard’s Progressive Power Yoga System—The
Sedona Experience™ and Mark Blanchard’s original 3-part Progressive
Power Yoga Trilogy™. The Sedona Experience is a 5-part DVD series that
is designed to incorporate all of the integral components and
philosophy behind one of the most powerful and invigorating mind/body
workouts on the market today. Practiced in rotation throughout the
week, these five exhilarating routines (The Foundation™, The Core™, The
Stretch™, The Flow™, and The Culmination™) target the entire body from
head to toe and challenge students of all levels while calming the
mind. Regular practice speeds up metabolism and can burn up to 700
calories in a single workout, while at the same time, sculpt lean
muscles, decrease stress, enhance the immune system, boost confidence,
and increase mental clarity.

The workouts in both the 5-part Sedona Experience and the original
Trilogy are available for download individually or as complete sets.
Cost ranges from $14.95 for downloads of individual workouts from the
Trilogy to $69.95 for downloads of the complete 5-part Mark Blanchard’s
Progressive Power Yoga System—The Sedona Experience™.

“Progressive Power Yoga® is an intensely rewarding and upbeat workout
that embraces the purest form of yoga,” says 25-year yoga veteran Mark
Blanchard. “There are no levels, props, or music to this practice. We
simply perform by listening to the sound of nature and our own breath.”

Mark Blanchard’s Progressive Power Yoga® workouts are suitable for
students who are beginners as wells as for those who consider
themselves to be advanced. Mark urges those of all fitness levels to
practice the workouts at their own individual pace. “This is yoga
practice, not yoga perfect,” shares Blanchard. “When you arrive fresh
at your mat every day and do not come with expectations, you will find
your true yogic being. I did not create these workouts for my students
to breeze through. They will challenge you. But beginners will
appreciate that I produce workouts with students of all skill levels so
the beginners will always have someone to watch with whom they can
identify. You truly progress at your own level on your own timetable.”

Mark Blanchard’s Progressive Power Yoga® workouts are available for
iPod downloads at .

About Mark Blanchard

Mark Blanchard played semi-pro baseball and college football in New
. His promising sports career was cut short by injuries to his
knees and a shoulder. Urged by his orthopedic surgeon to attend a yoga
class to rehabilitate his body, he was utterly hooked from the first
downward dog at Norman Allan’s studio in Manhattan. Blanchard has
provided power yoga fitness training for many celebrities including
Rachel Griffiths, Jennifer Lopez, Lucy Liu, Andy Garcia, and Drew
Barrymore. Blanchard has a keen understanding of yoga’s regenerative
powers in healing and possibly preventing injury. He uses this
knowledge in training professional athletes throughout the world.

Blanchard is a leader in the Progressive Power Yoga® movement. His
popular studio in Los Angeles, CA attracts a wide variety of yoga
practitioners from beginning to advanced. He is dedicated to teaching
his students how yoga can provide balance to their lives through
building strength, decreasing stress, and cultivating longevity.

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