Friday, April 28, 2006

Longoria Shops. And Shops. And Shops Some More

Talk about your shopping sprees! Although a marathon shop like the one Eva Longoria did Wednesday 26 April 2006 may just be how “the other half” lives. She spent a few hours yesterday shopping for dresses at Harmony Boutique in Beverly Hills that she could wear to the NBA Playoffs and was also shopping for spring essential items like t-shirts and light weight pants. Longoria accessorized the clothing with gemstone earrings and necklaces.

1. Tricia Fix dress $264

2. Sweeties Dress with attached Belt $129

3. Dress by Tart with Turquoise on strap $159

4. Brooch dress by Karen Zambos $339

5. Studded top by Plenty $89

6. V-neck top with gold buttons by Tart $69

7. Shawl Wrap by Fifi Tee in White $105

8. Linq V-Neck Tee (3 colors) $68/each $204.00 total

9. Linq Tank Top (4 colors) $58/each $232.00 total

10. Augustine Blue Everyday Jacket $159

11. Gilber Gilmore Pants (3 colors) $219/each $657.00 total

12. James Top by NAO designs $160

13. Black and Gold Polka dot dress by Voom $239

13. Linq Skirt (2 colors) $128/each $256.00 total

14. Robyn Rhodes Scarlett Large Green Quartz Necklace $138

15. Robyn Rhodes Traci Blue mother of Pearl Square Necklace $206

16. Robyn Rhodes Liz Blue Chalcedony within a hoop earring $110

17. Robyn Rhodes Jessica Pink Chalcedony Double Hoop Earring $90

18. Robyn Rhodes Felice Coral hoop earrings $156

Longoria on Oprah

On April 28, 2006, Eva Longoria was on The Oprah Winfrey Show. The topic of the show was Flattering Clothes for all Figures.

Longoria said, “The best pair of jeans any woman can own is J&Company. They lift your butt, they suck in all the fat and they are stylish because they have embroidery and they custom make jeans with numbers on the back pocket. I have number 9 for Tony. They are just great. They are slimming to any figure.”

Longoria owns over 50 pairs of jeans from J&Company, at both her Los Angeles and her Txas Home. She recently purchased jeans for Tony, Ken Paves (hair dresser and Jessica Simpson's "main gay") and Jessica Simpson! "Gabrielle" also wears J&Company's Beverly jeans on Desperate Housewives.