Saturday, January 29, 2005

Introducing: Beanstalk's Hollywood Hot Weekly Treatment Tip

Beanstalk's Hollywood Hot Weekly Treatment Tip:

Ah, we look like a hair-color ad. Shine, shine, shine. You gotta wear shades to look at us. BeansTalk had the surprisingly quick - and wonderfully effective I.S.H. (Incredibly Silky Hair) treatment, courtesy of I.S.H. founder, Nelson Chan, who works out of the Estetica salon in Beverly Hills. Chan, a reknown colorist (he’s championed the locks of Heather Graham and Sarah Michelle Gellar), explains that the treatment, and his Ionic Rescue products work with heat to counteract the positive charge of damaged hair, creating a balance that helps seal the cuticle.

"The greater the heat, the greater the boost hair receives," says Chan "I.S.H. is the first hair care company to adopt and apply this principle by offering a home system that conditions in various degrees according to the amount of heat applied. With increased heat, the conditioning elements can further penetrate the hair shaft to render benefits such as moisture, shine and silkiness, while combating dryness and brittleness."

In-salon Ionic Conditioning Treatment of I.S.H., a three-part process that relies on heat to activate the moisturizing ingredient, is available at more than 1,000 salons in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico.

The line contains no artificial fragrances. For more information, visit or to find a salon near you that does the treatment: (800) 429-0989.

Beanstalk's Hollywood Hot Weekly Treatment Tip is a new, once-weekly feature of the daily BeansTalk Biz newsletter and appears online during the weekend. We'’ll feature new or just newsworthy beauty treatments, giving a snap to the beauty professionals who put the star in Hollywood starlet.

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