Sunday, January 16, 2005

Monarch of the Glen on BBC America.

Monarch Of The Glen Hogmanay Special (U.S. premiere) New Year comes to the Scottish Highlands and a new era dawns at Glenbogle in the Monarch of the Glen Hogmanay Special. The future of the estate hangs in the balance as Archie’s half-brother, Paul (Lloyd Owen, Hearts & Bones), decides whether to become Glenbogle’s new laird. As the house prepares for its annual New Year party, known in Scotland as Hogmanay, Golly (Alexander Morton, Second Sight) manages to scare everyone witless with tales of ‘Mad Malcolm’ – a ghost that haunts the house at this time of year. Paul is skeptical about the existence of ghosts until the contents of a mysterious chest cause him to dream of his great-grandfather, Bertie. He investigates the family records and learns that Bertie was killed in the Boer War. His apparitions become more vivid and he is transported to the past where he must confront the ghost of his dead ancestor, and lay him to rest. Despite this connection with his heritage, Paul is finding it increasingly difficult to make a home for himself at Glenbogle. When he learns that Archie plans to hand the reins over to him when he leaves for New York, he can’t accept it. Molly is also unwilling to believe that Archie (Alastair Mackenzie) will no longer be laird and Lexie (Dawn Steele, Tinsel Town) is left wondering what to do. Monarch of the Glen Hogmanay Special premieres Saturday, February 19, 2005 at 6 p.m. ET, 3 p.m. PT.

Monarch Of The Glen (U.S. premiere): (New Season) With a new laird, surprise visitors, secret romances, and hidden pasts – change is in the air at Glenbogle in a U.S. premiere season of Monarch of the Glen. As the estate’s new laird, Paul wants to make his mark by attempting to modernize the estate. While his intentions are honorable, his dismissive attitude towards the estate’s long-held traditions causes him to clash with Golly. When Lexie makes an unexpected return from New Zealand, Paul suspects that all is not well with her and her new life. A heart-to-heart reveals her doubts about leaving the estate. Their relationship begins to grow more intimate and they are forced to make a decision that may rock Glenbogle to its very foundations. Tom Baker (Dr. Who) joins the cast as Hector’s long-lost younger brother and black sheep of the MacDonald family, Donald. He returns to Glenbogle after a 40-year absence, but his homecoming receives a mixed reaction. Unpredictable, incorrigible and ill-behaved, he causes mayhem from the moment he arrives. Monarch of the Glen premieres Saturday, February 26, 2005 at 6 p.m. ET, 3 p.m. PT.

Other BBC America Highlights

The BAFTA Awards air live on Saturday, February 12 from 3:10 p.m. ET, 12:10 p.m. PT. The show will encore in primetime at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT. BAFTA Red Carpet Special – a BBC AMERICA original production - precedes the primetime repeat. Hosted by Tim Muffett, it will feature celebrity interviews from the red carpet and show at 8:30p.m. ET/PT

The Avengers Weekend: Mrs. Peel receives her missions from the dapper but deadly agent John Steed (Patrick MacNee). Together, the duo face the world’s most dastardly criminals and uncover their evil plots – from an eccentric businessman offering to literally eliminate any company’s competition to a winged creature preying on powerful men. So break out your leather cat suit, dust off your bowler hat, grab your favorite cocktail and settle in for a weekend of adventure, intrigue and style. The Avengers Weekend airs Saturday, February 5 through Sunday, February 6, 2005 starting at noon ET.

Coupling Marathon: Coupling Marathon airs Sunday, February 13 from 2:00 p.m. ET, 11:00 a.m. PT.

At Home With The Braithwaites (U.S. premiere)
Money changes everything – especially if you’re a member of the Braithwaite family. Life has been anything but normal since Alison (Amanda Redman) won $60 million in the lottery and it doesn’t get any easier in a new season of At Home With The Braithwaites. The drama series returns with Alison, now the new mother of baby Katie, planning an amicable divorce with David (Peter Davison) and daughter Virginia (Sarah Smart) and Megan (Julie Graham) planning a wedding. But bitterness soon explodes when David's old flame Elaine reappears and Megan discovers that Virginia has been up to mischief with former flame, Tamsin (Lucy Whelan).When a bitter Megan attempts to extort money from the family, Alison takes drastic action with shocking results and once again the Braithwaites find themselves making headlines.The chaos mounts as Alison is faced with a difficult decision, Virginia adopts a fresh image and abandons women and booze, and Charlotte devises a plan to get rid of the family's fortune. At Home With The Braithwaites premieres Saturdays from February 19, 2005 at 7 p.m. ET, 4 p.m. PT

Charles and Camilla (U.S. premiere)
A searching documentary tells the behind-the-scenes story of how, since the Prince of Wales’ 1996 divorce, PR guru Mark Bolland subtly transformed Camilla Parker Bowles from the most-hated woman in Britain to an attractive hostess. The film looks at their enduring relationship and explores what it is about Camilla that has made Prince Charles love her for more than thirty years. Charles and Camilla premieres Saturday, February 26, 2005 at 8 p.m. ET, 5 p.m. and 11 p.m. PT.

Faking It: Great Performances
On the night of the U.S. Academy Awards, BBC AMERICA celebrates its own great performances. BBC AMERICA’s UK original Faking It followed all the drama as brave individuals took up the challenge to completely change their identities and skills in just four weeks - and fool a panel of judges. Against all the odds, punk rocker Chris Sweeney astounded judges and viewers when he turned into a classical music conductor, while insurance man Matt Davies amazingly transformed himself into a high-action movie stuntman.Not everyone deserves an award – but everyone deserves a chance. So BBC AMERICA is asking viewers to vote for their favorite Faking It episodes at Awards will be given in a variety of categories including Most Dramatic Transformation, Biggest Failure and Best Supporting Role/Mentor. The winning episodes will air on BBC AMERICA on Saturday, February 27 at noon ET, 9 a.m. PT.

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