Monday, January 31, 2005

A True Classic: Get Scootin'

It's back. The classic PX 150 Vespa.

To celebrate the reintroduction of one of the greatest scooters in history, Piaggio USA Inc., manufacturer of the world-famous Vespa motor scooter, is releasing a limited edition 500 numbered Vespa PX units into the U.S. The PX 150 “Serie America” comes in a vintage green with a metal plaque by the glove box stamped with one number of 500 and a historical PX book. This classic model with the pressed steel monocoque frame, single cylinder two-stroke engine and manual four-speed gear change can be purchased at Vespa stores nationwide.

Twenty-seven years and two million units since its launch, the Vespa PX remains a cult scooter, a symbol of Italian style everywhere in the world, and the single most widely sold Vespa in history. It is the only Vespa that has remained in production for more than 20 years and has been present on the list of best selling vehicles for over a quarter of a century. For those who want a classic Vespa, it features the traditional four-speed gear shift on the handlebar and a classic design. The PX retains the strong points that have made it so successful: unique design, practicality and ease of use hardy steel frame, a reliable engine, space for a spare wheel and competitive pricing.

The Vespa’s pressed steel monocoque has always functioned as a load-bearing base. The PX keeps to this manufacturing tradition that no other scooter has and that guarantees rigidity and precise steering. The manual four-speed gearbox is an essential feature - anyone used to a PX will not give up riding control.

The PX 150 “Serie America” has a suggested retail price of $4,299. This model will not be available in the state of California due to CARB standard regulations. For more information on the PX 150 “Serie America” and its availability visit for a Vespa store near you or call 800-631-1101.

The Backstory: Manufactured by Piaggio in Tuscany, Italy, the first Vespa was designed by Corradino D'Ascanio in 1946 for Enrico Piaggio as a solution to transportation following the destruction of World War II. Combining the best elements of aeronautics, automobiles and motorcycles, it instantly became an icon of design and economy. In 2000, after a 15-year hiatus, the fabled Italian scooter returned to the United States to entice new generations with its efficient, entertaining and still nostalgic nature.

Piaggio USA is an active member of the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) and encourages riders to always wear a helmet, appropriate eyewear and proper apparel. The company suggests that all scooter owners/operators attend a motorcycle/scooter rider-training course to learn how to safely and skillfully operate a Vespa and recommends the MSF RiderCourse (800/446-9227) as the best introduction to riding. For additional information, or to locate a Piaggio dealership in your area, visit the Web site at

Matthew Broderick and Jerry Seinfeld are just a couple of the Vespa's celebrity fans.

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