Friday, May 06, 2005

Beijo Bags

The Handbag That's a Business

Beijo Bags. When single mom Susan Handley decided to sell her handbags to friends and neighbors, she had no idea that 20 months later Beijo would become a multi-million dollar enterprise, turning a one-woman business into a fashion phenomenon profiled on CNN, Extra and Entertainment Tonight. Handley began showing her poly-vinyl designs in northern Florida, with word of mouth taking place of a marketing budget. Today, she has an extensive network of women who sell her handbags (and you know women love their purses). Many Beijo representatives, made up of budding entrepreneurs, have no prior selling experience. Handley hopes Beijo gives women balance in their lives, enabling them to be both a loving wife and mother and as well as a successful entrepreneur with a substantial income. The name came from the Portuguese word for “kiss,” and her son Kyle would ask her for “Beijo, Mommy, beijo.” One collection of many is seen in the photo above. Visit her website for more information and sales reps near you.

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