Thursday, May 12, 2005

H. Stern Earrings Feather Collection

The Spirit of the Sky is represented by an array of jewels in 18K yellow gold shaped like feathers, one by one, by the hands of skilled artisans. The exotic plumage of birds is a native metaphor for a connection with the Gods, as the birds are the chosen creatures that can fly up to heaven where the spirits live. In the tribes, solely the chiefs or spiritual leaders, “the chosen ones” wear the headpieces made of large, colorful feathers. In this collection there are wearable pieces like delicate pendants and earrings as well as bold, statement jewels, like a bracelet made of more than 1,000 feathers attached to a soft gold mesh, or a V-shaped necklace made of more than 1,300 feathers.

The Spirit of Earth is represented by a bracelet made of multicolor sapphire beads. The design pattern mimics the skin of the Coral snake – a symbol of courage. The bracelet’s intricate and highly technical work creates a wearable, cuff-like, malleable piece that glows with exotic beauty.

Prices in the Feathers collection range from $520 to $11,000.

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