Friday, May 13, 2005

Singer Sarah Jane Morris

Music Video Distributors and Inakustik have released Sarah Jane Morris - In Concert: Ohne Filter on DVD. The concert is from 1990. Morris is seen in the photo above, in 1998. London's Time Out magazine called her "a singer and actress with a voice so deep it’s almost subterranean and so bluesy your mind pictures her suffering the night away with a bottle of whisky in hand." Harpers & Queens say, "She is more than a great voice, she is several great voices." The music paper New Musical Express "provocative and unorthodox," while the Daily Telegraph agrees: "Her excellent voice soars and swoops with the agony and ecstasy of the delta and smoky Chicago clubs.” "I transform, I meet my demons on stage,” she told Folker magazine. "I allow them to tease and torment me. And then I try and control them and turn it into a sound." Retail 19.95.

Tracks from March 29, 1990:

To Blind

Another Side To Love

Do You Know

China Blue

Afraid Of The Dark

Ain't No Turning Back

Another Time

Me & Mrs. Jones

This Ain't Living

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