Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Hudson: Goldie Got it Wrong

Bill Hudson has some words for ex-wife Goldie Hawn. The couple is seen here at the 1979 Academy Awards.

In an exclusive interview on Thursday’s ‘A Current Affair,Bill Hudson shows documents and never-before-seen home videos to back his claim that Goldie Hawn’s new book “A Lotus Grows in the Mud,” released May 2, 2005, continues to paint a less than favorable picture about him and his marriage to Hawn.

“I can prove everything I’m saying. I have documents. I have a copy of a check that I wrote to her, and I have the divorce agreements. I have everything. It’s factual,” says Hudson, who claims, because of Hawn’s power and popularity, her accusations have never been disputed.

He claims Hawn’s undisputed claims have gone so far that his daughter, actress Kate Hudson, has denied him the privilege of meeting his first grandchild, Ryder Russell Robinson, the child Kate had with her husband, rock star Chris Robinson of The Black Crowes.

“Goldie’s new book really perpetuates the problem. This time in a different way…I would call Goldie’s book a contrived version of what she wants the public to think of her...,” says Hudson.

Hawn’s new book is a new-age autobiography in which she speaks of the people who helped her on the road to enlightenment. Hudson was her second and most recent husband. They were married from 1976 to 1981, which resulted in two children, the actress Kate Hudson and the actor/director Oliver Hudson.

The release of “A Lotus Grows in the Mud” is the reason Hudson has chosen this national TV platform to speak out in his defense and ask Kate’s husband to stand up to his wife – “to be a man,” to insist that the new baby be allowed to see his grandfather as well as his great-grandmother.”

Hudson claims his mother was a large part of Kate and Oliver Hudson’s upbringing and is now crying because she wants to see her great grandson before she dies.

He tells ‘A Current Affair,’ “There’s a part in the book where Goldie talks about my grandmother Tess…she talks about what a dynamic joyful spirit she was…I don’t know why Goldie wouldn’t say to Kate, go up and be with your grandmother…I think it’s a continued effort just to remove me from the history of this family…”

In this exclusive interview, Hudson shows the check he claims proves he paid Goldie Hawn after the divorce – rather than the other way away around. And that he is not, as the public has been led to believe, the ex who took Hawn for everything and then abandoned her and their children. He claims it was Hawn who abandoned him by her having an affair.

“Goldie talks about the marriage ending because of her power and fame as a star…a woman of power and how that threatened me because I didn’t have any. Well I did have my power. I was a Hudson Brother. I was very popular. That wasn’t it at all…,” says Hudson.

“What happened … when she was doing Private Benjamin, she hooked up with this guy …. an extra in Private Benjamin. Goldie started carrying on and having an affair with him during our marriage. And I found out about it.”

Hudson also claims Hawn made it difficult for Hudson to see Kate and Oliver as they were growing up. He tells ‘A Current Affair’ of a confrontation with Kurt Russell in a lawyer’s office. He claims that when Russell was presented with documents showing that Hawn was allegedly violating custody agreements, he “got relatively aggravated…loud and argumentative and sort of threw them off the table.”

“There’s this Hollywood machine that exists, and it favors the person that’s in power. And in this particular case, it was Goldie…I was up against agents, publicists…the Hollywood machine…the Barbara Walters special…about how Goldie was this single mother with no help. In the midst of it…I’m with the kids.”

With photos and home movie footage, he also proves that he did not abandon Kate Hudson or her brother Oliver, but in fact lived in the same or neighboring town, and that his two children with actress Cindy Williams of “Laverne & Shirley” fame grew up as Kate and Oliver’s brother and sister.

“In articles in the early days, she talks about how wonderful I was as a father and a parent. And I was always there for the kids, even in divorce. Later, in order to, I think, further her career and make good press, she starts talking about me not being there, taking her money, how she would never take money from anyone. She did. She took money from me…,” continues Hudson, who also claims Hawn “poisoned” his daughter against him.

While the two were married, Hudson says he was a Top Ten recording artist, star of a network television series and a popular concert attraction with The Hudson Brothers. He then went on to a successful career as an actor, film producer, music composer and producer who lives in Malibu, California.

The full interview airs on Thursday’s ‘A Current Affair,’ one of broadcasting’s most historic and groundbreaking news magazine programs. Hosted by Fox Sports commentator, best-selling author, columnist, practicing lawyer, former NFL star player and one of PEOPLE magazine’s “50 Most Beautiful People” Tim Green.

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