Saturday, May 21, 2005

Deirdre Burke-President of True, and Tina Thomson of Tina Thomson and Assoc.

Idebenone is a new multifunctional compound that behaves like the well-known antioxidant Co-Enzyme Q10 and the potent depigmenting agent hydroquinone. True believes it’s more effective than either— without the skin sensitizing action common to many results-driven ingredients. True claims that unlike most effective de-agers, Idebenone is gentle enough for almost any skin. Unlike alpha hydroxy acids and retinoids, Idebenone works without any signs of irritation or additional sun or environmental vulnerability.Idebenone delivers super antioxidant protection and anti-inflammatory action that impedes skin’s free radical free-for-all. Counteracting environmental aging at its source, it helps skin relax and return to a younger-looking self Smoother, brighter and unstressed. Fight aging from this day forward and from this day backward by helping reduce the visible signs of aging and prevent them too. Posted by Hello