Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Hello Lover.

With all due respect to Carrie Bradshaw and the Christian Louboutin pink marabou slippers she sighed at famously in Sex and the City, BeansTalk breathlessly uttered these words when we met “Olivia.” (above) Olivia and others were launched in the summer of 2006 as part of the new Dikuza line of elegant occasion footwear.

Designer Sandi Cheung of Los Angeles has created a line of bridal and party shoes and incorporates Swarovski Crystals studded on an array of strappy sandals -- the artistic signature of the Dikuza bridal line . Cheung’s added these little jewels to the steel heels which are touted for their strength and durability.

“Design icons like Roger Vivier acknowledge the heel’s role as an element of great beauty and architecture in the overall form of the shoe. The way I handcraft my unusually-shaped heels with Swarovski crystals distinguishes Dikuza’s style and quality from other brands specializing in party and bridal shoes,” Cheung tells BeansTalk.

As BeansTalk has been hitched for longer than we can remember, we were drawn to the party-wear collection from this line. The party line features durable stainless-steel heels, shimmering satins and floral fabrics, and colored beads and sequins.

Although the hues and styles of these sandals could be matched to any evening attire, we have express permission from the designer to wear any of these colorful sandals with jeans. Cheung says wearing a “big event” shoe like “Kei”, pictured, with casual attire, “can make a woman feel powerful, sexy, and feminine.” We sure would.

Kei (retail: $100.00)
Features 4” satin-wrapped heel; satin silver and green base sole;
matching color embroideries, beads, sequins, stones & white crystal
rhinestones on upper.

Olivia (retail: $135.00)
Features 3.25” stainless steel diamante heel; sole has satin silver &
light brown floral fabric; matching embroideries, sequins, beads & one
white crystal rhinestone on upper.

Dikuza shoes ranging in price from $100.00 to $350.00 are available online at and at Style Beverly Hills (310) 274.9391

-- Andrea Goodwin, BeansTalk Associate Editor