Friday, September 29, 2006

Fatty McFat Fat

Eat, Drink, And Be Merry — Until The Weigh-In
Six-part dramedy, Fat Friends, takes on our obsession with weight loss

On any given day in America, 25% of all men and 45% of all women are on a diet* — so how come we all still feel so fat? BBC America’s new six-part dramedy, Fat Friends, explores today’s obsession with weight loss and all the pain, humor and neuroses that go along with it. Fat Friends focuses on a group of people who meet every week at a diet club, but learn that there is more to life than calories, pounds, and food points.

Fat Friends premieres Thursday, November 2, 2006 at 10 p.m. ET/ 11 p.m. PT.

Who’s who:

Betty (Alison Steadman, Secrets & Lies) is so dedicated to her new lifestyle, that she’s become a finalist for Superslimmer of the Year. She’s excited to see the weight come off and would love some recognition for all her hard work, but her husband begins to feel vulnerable and insecure as his wife’s shape changes.

Betty’s daughter, Kelly (Ruth Jones, Little Britain, Saxondale), is perfectly happy the way she is, but she’s pressured into joining Superslimmers in order to fit into her wedding dress. When she couldn’t find one that fit at the shop, she bought one two sizes too small — with the wedding only six weeks away.

Bus driver Alan (Richard Ridings, The Pianist, Macbeth) has been going to Superslimmers to try and please his wife Liz, who’s constantly nagging him to lose weight. Liz has also had an effect on their daughter Beverly, a rake-thin teenager who eats only yogurt and salad.

Lauren (Gaynor Faye, Coronation Street) fears that her body is getting in the way of her acting career, and she’s starting to fixate on her rear end. She hates to miss her mother’s delicious, multi-course Sabbath dinner, but Her physical trainer boyfriend thinks the treadmill is the answer, but can she ever be thin enough?

High school student Jamie (James Corden, The History Boys) used to be popular with the girls at school, but recently his weight has spiraled out of control and he’s become a target for bullies.

Val (Kathryn Hunt, Reckless) ended an affair with her boss three years ago. Since then, she’s been subconsciously eating and drinking herself out of the rat race and making herself less attractive to the opposite sex. It’s time she reclaimed her body and sex life, but is Superslimmers the way?

Throughout the six episodes there are highs and lows, and not just on the scale. And, the Fat Friends’ wedding finale features a shocking twist for all, especially Betty.