Thursday, August 23, 2007

Abrioné: Professional Natural Skin Care Products

Abrioné natural skin care products are for women and men who desire healthier and smoother looking skin. Abrioné’s philosophy is to harmoniously balance the art of nature with science to deliver products to you with the highest quality at the best value.
Abrioné’s uniquely formulated professional natural skin care products are designed to help deliver anti-oxidants, anti-aging, hydrating, nourishing and rejuvenating results for your skin. Only the highest quality ingredients are used in the development of Abrioné skin care products.

Pentapeptides and botanical extracts from marine and herbal sources form the foundation of our skincare line. Essential oils including lavender, jasmine and orange for normal to dry skin and peppermint and sandalwood for normal to oily skin are added to give your skin a truly refreshing experience.

Chakra Masks from Abrione

Chakras originated in the ancient Hindu system of healing dating before 2500 B. C. The chakra system has been used for thousands of years as an integral part of holistic healing. The word chakra signifies one of seven energy centers in the body, corresponding to the seven main nerve centers which emanate from the spinal column. Each of the seven main chakras reflects essential aspects of consciousness and governs our lives, loves, learning and spiritual awakening. Energize your mind, body and spirit with VB Cosmetic’s refreshing line of Abrioné Chakra Masques.