Friday, August 31, 2007

Beauty Breakthrough: Zeno

Finally! Someone has built a better mouse trap. What we really mean is that the folks over at Tyrell have launched a truly effective and non-pharmaceutical means of treating acne – at all ages. At last! Zeno is a handheld, portable electronic medical device that is clinically proven to make pimples disappear fast. How? It treats individual pimples with a precisely controlled low-level heat dose faster and more effectively than any other product available without a prescription. In a clinical trial, 90 percent of blemishes treated with Zeno faded or disappeared within 24 to 48 hours.

Where was this thing when BeansTalk was 17? No worries. We still have the occasional blemish to treat and find this handy device a real life saver.

So did the cute young stars who were preparing for the Teen Choice Awards last weekend. The makers of Zeno were there gifting them to the teen celebs! God forbid Hilary Duff be seen on camera looking anything less than her best!
Here’s more: Zeno treats pimples with just two to three treatment cycles lasting two and a half minutes each spread over 12 to 24 hours. Zeno makes the acne-causing bacteria self-destruct. It can be used in conjunction with other acne treatments including over-the-counter and dermatologist-prescribed medications. It should be used in conjunction with a comprehensive, regular hygiene routine.

This medical device, which has received numerous accolades from the beauty world including Allure Magazine’s 2005 “Best of Beauty Award,” is a safe, quick and effective alternative to other over-the-counter acne treatments.
Zeno is available for purchase nationwide at Bliss Spas, Walgreens, Sephora and
online at outlets such as, and

About Tyrell, Inc. and Zeno:
Established in Houston, Texas, in September 2002, Tyrell, Inc. is the leading pioneer in an exciting new category of home-based medical devices. The company was formed to develop and launch Zeno, a product set to revolutionize over-the-counter treatment of acne pimples. Utilizing proprietary ClearPoint™ technology, this electronic medical device applies sustained heat therapy to destroy the bacteria that causes common acne, dramatically reducing the healing time of pimples. For more information on Zeno, visit