Friday, August 10, 2007

BuzzSaw Los Angeles

Makes Second Appearance at Vegas’ Magic Marketplace

Later this month the fashion industry converges on the Las Vegas Convention Center for the super popular trade event, Magic Marketplace. Among the hot new designers and established fashion lines, retailers will be on the look out for Jessica Chase, President and designer of BuzzSaw Los Angeles.

A long time motorcycle enthusiast, Jessica blends the lifestyle of riding, trend icons and pop culture into fashionable accessories and apparel for women, teens children and pets. An accomplished artist who researches new fashion and current trends to develop BuzzSaw LA, Jessica is inspired by lifestyles that are edgy, sexy and dominant. Jessica creates for modern time by blending new fashion and modern trends and introducing them into the lifestyles she is inspired by.

BeansTalk has previewed and selected our "must-haves" from the line. We love BuzzSaw’s Black Leather Croc handbag embellished with a rhinestone pirate skull and cross bones as we have embraced the “bigger is better” theory of accessorizing. Super gorgeous. The bag retails for $300 and is a favorite of Sharon Osbourne. We hear that daughter Kelly is a fan of BuzzSaw’s very smart-looking red roses handbag, and bandmembers Adam Wakeman and Blasko have been seen on stage wearing BuzzSaw’s black croc patent leather and metal belts with Day of the Dead Skull.
Buzz Saw LA is currently available in stores throughout the US and this month Spencer Gift Stores launches the line. For more information regarding Magic Marketplace visit . To view BuzzSaw Los Angeles' designs, press and more visit .