Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Like Baio’s show, The Two Coreys is pretty transparently contrived, scenarios obviously set up by busy producers.

For example, in Baio’s show, there’s a scene where he takes his girlfriend’s 17-year-old daughter to Kitson on Roberston (aka Nicole Richie’s, Paris Hilton’s and Lindsay Lohan’s favorite store, where paparazzi hang regularly). Within a few minutes of shopping and mild berating from the teen, a guy suddenly starts hitting on Baio’s young charge. While it is funny when he asks if Baio’s her dad, but it’s so obviously set up. No doubt this guy was trolling Robertson for celebutantes, visiting from out of town, and a producer probably approached him asking if he would do the bit.

The Two Coreys is very high concept – you can just hear the pitch…”here’s the thing, the two Coreys are reuniting – and this is the great thing – they’re contemporary Oscar and Felix, Feldman’s all set up with a much younger, hot wife, and Haim’s still all F’d up. Let’s have Haim move in with Feldman and let the sparks fly!” Feldman is vegan and a Peta activist; Haim loves him some meat!

Feldman, depicted as anal-y neat, is confidently married, a father, sober and living in a huge house. Haim, a slob, is still battling his addiction demons (and looks a mess. Feldman is very shiny and metrosexual).

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