Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Red-Carpet Ready!

Even if you’re not going to be walking the red carpet for the Emmys, being picture perfect for an important event is crucial for most of us. Luckily, Beverly Hills dermatologist Dr. Stuart Kaplan has some valuable tips (

1. Botox on palms and underarms will prevent sweaty handshakes and sweat stains on clothing.

2. Micro-laser peel – better, faster, and less painful than a chemical peel, the micro-laser peel precisely and evenly removes the top layers of the skin, revealing new skin that is smooth and has even skin tone. Removes any light freckles and lessens fine lines and wrinkles. Gives a natural glow to the face. Should be done at least 2 weeks before the big day.

3. Botox to forehead, frown lines, crow's feet to minimize the appearance of wrinkles (and preventing you from deepening the ones you have). Can also be injected to the top corners of the eyebrow to give upper eyelids a slight lift. Even to the neck, to lessen heavy lines. Also, Botox can be injected into the jawline, for people who have very muscular/angular jawlines and favor a more oval shaped face. Botox can also be injected in the calves, for people who feel they have overly muscular or uneven calves.

4. Injectable fillers, such as Radiesse (made of calcium and lasts 8 months to a year), Juvederm and Restylane (hyaluronic acid fillers which last up to 3-6 months) can be used to:

a) Fix any asymmetry of the lips. Can also be used to give a fuller pout.

b) Soften nasolabial folds (the lines that run from the corner of your nose to your mouth)

c) "non-surgical nose job" for people who have a slight bump in their nose bridge, a filler can fill in the valley between the forehead and this bump. This enhances a person's profile with absolutely zero down time.

d) enhance cheekbones

e) plump really deep furrows and lines in the forehead, which no amount of Botox can erase

f) for deep acne scars or "pits" in the skin, fillers can be used to plump these crevices so they are virtually invisible

g) inject into the balls of the feet, to help 'pad' the feet when wearing high heels

5. Laser

a) remove red blood vessels along the corners of the nose (instant results, and zero down time)

b) remove spider veins that may appear on the back of legs, thighs, and upper arms

c) for people who plan a month in advance, consider a deep laser resurfacing, which is much, much deeper than a micro-laser peel but does an amazing job of basically removing a thick layer of skin to virtually erase excess, wrinkly skin under the eyes, all age spots, freckles, fine lines, etc. Your skin will be scabbed and red for at least 2 weeks, and then red and raw for about 2 more weeks after that (which can be covered up with make-up if necessary), so unless you have a month downtime to spare, this procedure is not recommended.

d) Lasers to tighten skin, minimize pore size, and remove any skin redness

BeansTalk Note: We are just beginning a skin-care regime that includes Dr. Kaplan’s Perfecting Serum. Stay tuned for our review/verdict. Here's the 411: A rich treatment concentrate, clinically-proven by independent lab results, to lift and firms skin up to 60% in as little as two weeks. Patented skin brighteners balance uneven skin tone, while a complex of peptides and antioxidants improve skin elasticity and visibly reduce expression lines. An amazing 50% concentration of Hyaluronic Acid provides exceptional efficacy, skin plumping and a remarkably silky after-feel. Directions for Use: An extremely concentrated formula - after cleansing and toning, apply pea-sized to skin. For maximum efficacy, apply before Day or Night Cream. Can also be used as a make-up primer for smooth, flawless foundation application.