Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Love Your Skin with SeaOra

BeansTalk wears a little less make up during the summertime. We tend to spend a little more time outdoors and opt for a more natural look. For this reason we feel our skin needs to look its best. In order to maintain summer fresh skin we highly endorse investing in quality daily skin care products. We recently tried and love SeaOra’s cleanser and toner. The cleanser leaves our skin feeling super clean and smooth, and the toner seems to perk up skin that has been punished with too much sun. More details...

from their website:
Mineral Facial Cleansing Gel - For all skin types- with Dead Sea Minerals, Aloe Vera & Vitamin C.

Enjoy a deep cleansing effect with our gentle, yet effective cleanser which dissolves make-up and removes all impurities from the skin, leaving it soft and comfortable. This light cleansing gel effortlessly washes away dirt, impurities and makeup leaving skin thoroughly clean. Natural moisturizers such as Lavender Oil and Evening Primrose Oil leave skin refreshed and hydrated. Your skin will tingle as this soap-less cleanser nourishes your face with Dead Sea Minerals and Vitamins C and A. Restores your skin's pH balance to its optimal state.
Directions: Apply to damp face and gently massage until a light lather is achieved. For best results use twice a day & follow with SeaOra Mineral Facial Toner.

Mineral Skin Toner - 6.1 Oz - Available for Normal, Dry or Oily skin

Refresh and tighten your skin with our mineral rich toner which is formulated to refine the pores and stimulate the skin without drying or flakiness. A perfect finish to your daily cleansing routine, Jericho Mineral Skin Toner toner is a refreshing splash of minerals. It's formulated with a patented active complex of Aloe Vera and natural Dead Sea Minerals to enhance the skin's natural pH balance and leave it refreshed and supple. This mineral toner tightens pores, rebalances the skin's pH, and removes unwanted shine.
Direcetions: rub gently over the face and neck with cotton pad morning and night. On hot summer days, when circulation is more active, it may be used once again according to your needs.
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