Thursday, August 09, 2007

Sparkle With Shiny Mama

Longtime readers of BeansTalk know we were tremendous fans of the now defunct “Tony & Tina” beauty line. We still treasure the pieces of that makeup that we still have, and try and use it sparingly.

Our friend Yana Chupenko was director of development at Tony & Tina and we met her through our love of that line.

Yana, a NYC-based rocker with her own cult following, has finally succumbed to pressure and is launching her own very much anticipated line, Shiny Mama Cosmetics.

We don’t like to consider ourselves middle-aged, but the numbers don’t lie. It would be easy to look at the Shiny Mama line and dismiss it as “too young.” But looks are deceiving and our clever Yana has created a beautiful line of products. We were lucky enough to sample (see the descriptions and tips – which really work – below) the products early on and we adore them. They’re fun and can be camped up or subtled down – it’s all up to you and how heavy your hand is.

We have a little BeansTalk tip – if you want to use some of the glitter on your eye lids try using Burt’s Bees balm. We used it in the little round tin as well as the stick and it’s perfect for keeping Shiny Mama’s awesome shimmer and glitter just in place.

Here’s the latest release for Shiny Mama

Shiny Mama Cosmetics launches its first release….the “Snow

Queen” Collection. The initial collection is at once daring and deluxe. An arrival of edgy New Romanticism, which evokes a feeling of what I call "D.O.D", i.e. Decadence-Opulence-Debauchery of old world elegance & times long gone.

Contains 2 colors of – Shimmer All, and 2 colors of – Glitter All.

Shimmer All:
Retail $15.00

Elegant Shimmer whenever and wherever you need that extra glow…
The component contains an innovative sponge applicator in the cap for a unique and easier application.

-Ice – silvery white
-Pink Crystal – golden pink

Suggested Use:

This shimmer product can be used as eye-shadow, blush, and as a general all over glam powder.

· Mix with your favorite gloss/lipstick & give them a tinge of shimmer.

· Wear alone on the eyes as a wash of shimmer, or mix with your best eye-shadow colors, to go from matte to shimmery.

· Use with your liquid liner to achieve the shimmer liner effect.

· Use with your Blushers and Bronzers for the extra radiance or as a highlighter on brow-bone, cheek-bone and nose.

· Looks wonderful as a body shimmer, which accentuates your body’s beloved parts, such as the décolletage area.

· Try mixing it with clear/colored nail varnish for the pearl like effect.

Glitter All:
Retail $15.00

Elegantly micro-milled glitter for whenever and wherever you need that extra sparkle…

The container pot comes with a novel spoon charm, which can be used as jewelry with a necklace or bracelet, or as a dispenser.

-Snow – silvery white
-Pink Champagne – iridescent pink

Suggested Use:

This fine soft glitter can be used with eye-shadow, gloss/lipstick, and on body and hair. Glitter can be a bit messy if not used properly, so remember that a little goes a long way, so don’t drown yourself in glitter, use sparingly.

· Use alone and delicately pat on eyelid as a tantalizing crystal
highlight for the eye area, and along with any shadow to turn it into a glitter shadow. You’ll definitely have that sparkle in your eye.

· Can be mixed with your fave gloss, lipstick, to turn it into a glitter product.

· Dip your liquid liner in glitter for a glitter liner result.

· Sprinkle on any body part for that magical crystal sparkle effect. Excellent for Holiday looks, or a wild night out.

· You can also use it in conjunction with your hair product to hold the style in place or just sprinkle a bit to lose hair for gleaming effects. Hairspray holds all in place.

· Mix it in with any clear nail varnish to get glittery nails or mix with your fave colored nail polish.

· Please note that whenever you use any lose glitter product some glitter displacement will occur, which is just the nature of the product. Try using with any natural balm which is approved for eye area - to hold in place.

· Caution: Be warned if you wear contact lenses or have sensitive eyes and glitter particles get in your eyes, do not rub; wash/flush with lukewarm water . If irritation persists please see eye doctor immediately.

Many people say they are influenced by Rock n Roll…Yana lives it!!!