Friday, August 03, 2007

What a Kick

Sporting a grill is so five minutes ago. If you want to keep up with diamond flaunting celebrities (are you listening Fiddy?) or if you are Baron Trump no outfit is too casual to add a little reminder that you can afford the good life.

Kickbars are diamond-encrusted bars that brilliantly lace through shoelaces. (Does Akon even put shoelaces in his Nikes?) The actual bar is made of 24K white gold and comes in a pave or invisible setting. Inside the bar lay gorgeous round cut diamonds available in a variety of colors. Even on the most casual day, a cute pair of sneakers adorned with Kickbars, will out-bling any accessory.

With regard to personal style and preference, Kickbars are available in the following:
Jr. Kickbars - 24K white gold pave set -13 gm - 38 round cut diamonds - 1.5 carats
Kickbars - 24K white gold pave set - 18 gm - 54 round cut diamonds - 2.0 carats
Martin Kickbars – customized for those who bling to the beat of their own drum

Kickbars are about letting your personal style bling through, and thinking outside the fashion box. Kicks that sparkle with this brand-new accessory will immediately become the conversation piece of any event. Kickbars start at $6,500. For more information or to order please visit