Friday, August 31, 2007

On Authority
Where do all of today’s young hot celebrities go with their pressing questions? To Mattel’s Magic 8 Ball of course. The stars who presented or performed at last week’s Teen Choice Awards were spending some down time playing with the new High School Musical version of the classic toy. Their questions? Mark Indelicato of Ugly Betty fame asked if “Ugly Betty” was the best show ever. The answer: “Signs say soarin’!” As he shook the Magic 8 Ball, “High School Musical” cutie pie star Lucas Grabeel asked “Am I going to win an award tonight?” The answer was: “All signs point to yes!”
BeansTalk had fun with the game which retails for about $7.00 as well. The answers inside of the ball have fun High School Musical catch phrases such as “Your head’s in the game.”