Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Crocs Rule on Animal Planet
Network Heralds Conservationist Steve Irwin with Week Long Celebration

The legendary Croc Hunter, Steve Irwin, with his signature khaki shorts, have been synonymous with Animal Planet for nearly as long as the network has been in existence. Many of the wonders of the wildlife world came to fame by means of his signature Aussie accent. Animal Planet will honor the wildly popular and exuberant wildlife conservationist during Crocs Rule!, a special week of prime-time programming from September 1-6, 2007. Ever the great Aussie character while still promoting wildlife conservation, Irwin began an annual research project that was filmed for Animal Planet called Secrets of the Crcocdile. Containing never-before-seen footage of Irwin and his intense research efforts on behalf of the enigmatic reptile, this revealing report will make its world premiere on Tuesday, September 4, at 9 PM (ET/PT). An extended premiere hour-long version of Crikey! What an Adventure! airs the following evening.

“Secrets of the Crcocdile is an amazing look into the life of Steve and his research with these huge crocodilians,” said Terri Irwin, who just finished a research expedition on crocodiles in Queensland, Australia. “There’s relatively little that we know about this animals and in the documentary we see Steve unraveling their mysteries.”

“Steve’s energy, enthusiasm and love of animals – even the ugly ones as he would say – still thrive on Animal Planet,” noted Marjorie Kaplan, president and general manager of Animal Planet & Discovery Kids Media. “He has left an indelible mark on fans worldwide and watching his documentaries, everyone can be a Wildlife Warrior and continue his conservation efforts.”

In Secrets of the Crcocdile, Irwin embarked on the ultimate adventure to investigate the world of the crocodile as he tried to reveal its most guarded secrets. This is the story of his final crocodile research expedition and his heroic attempts to enter the dangerous and mysterious world of these reptiles. For millions of years, crocodiles have roamed the earth -- even outliving dinosaurs. They are the perfect models of evolution, having changed only slightly over the millennia. But very little is known about their habits, their lives or their movements . . . until now.

Crocs Rule! Week spotlights Irwin’s life and greatest projects. But just as importantly, it updates viewers on the conservation research carried on by wife Terri and the philanthropic endeavors she leads on behalf of animals worldwide. It also contains the best and most intriguing of Irwin’s specials that highlight the legacy he leaves behind including the following:

Crocodile Hunter Collision Course – Saturday, September 1, at 7 PM
Outback to Hollywood– Saturday, September 1, at 9 PM
Search for the Super Croc– Sunday, September 2, at 8 PM
The Crocodile Hunter 3: Steve's Story– Monday, September 3, at 8 PM
They Shoot Crocs Don't They– Monday, September 3, at 9 PM
Ocean's Deadliest– Tuesday, September 4, at 9 PM
My Daddy The Crocodile Hunter– Wednesday, September 5, at 9 PM

Secrets of the Crcocdile and Crikey! What an Adventure! are both produced for Animal Planet by Best Picture Show. John Stainton is the executive producer for Best Picture Show, and Wendy Douglas is the executive producer for Animal Planet.