Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Blue Light Special: iWHITE Teeth Whitening Kit
Neon Electroluminescence

Come on baby, light my smile. iWHITE at-home teeth whitening uses neon blue Electroluminescent energy and light. This patented system includes a lighted mouth tray and disposable whitening gel foam strips.

Activated by a button, the blue light on the mouth tray activates the gel foam strips, and the neon Electroluminescent energy is directed through the molecules of matter of the whitening gel. The EL technology embedded in the iWHITE tray is powered by a 3-volt battery that pulses the light into the whitening foam strips—the catalyst that creates a brilliant beam. (Didn’t think a chemistry lesson was required for a movie star smile; but hey, the results don’t lie through their teeth and that’s a scientific fact.)

iWHITE incorporates this activating light and a never-before-seen foam strip application to deliver the fastest and most effective results possible (unlike other take-home products that rely solely on hydrogen peroxide and tooth contact time).

Clinical tests show little or zero sensitivity. Two reasons: time and pressure. Contact time on the teeth is short. iWHITE is used for 20 minutes per day for five consecutive days. Also, the pressure from the tray onto the foam strip creates a customized impression on the teeth—the whitening solution has no place to go, but directly onto the teeth. This eliminates excess solution from spreading onto the gums (which causes teeth to become sensitive).

Basic iWHITE Teeth Whitening Kit

* Retails for $44.99
* Universal mouth tray with blue EL light (battery included)
* 10 disposable whitening foam strips
* Place foam strip on tray and activate light
* Leave tray in mouth for 20 minutes
* 5 day treatment

Time to tune in, turn on, and iWHITE. www.iwhite.be