Monday, November 26, 2007

Sonya Dakar Retinol Renewal SerumTM

Intense Repair of Signs of Aging and Scarred Skin
Benefits: Exfoliates damaged skin to reveal soft smooth skin
Helps reverse the signs of aging Improves skin's quality & appearance Key Ingredients: Retinol ARDSTTM (Advanced Retinol Delivery System) This retinol super-serum fights fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, discoloration and enlarged pores by exfoliating dry, scarred and damaged skin while expediting cell turnover. Our exclusive Advanced Retinol Delivery System technology prevents retinol breakdown due to sun exposure, allowing maximum absorption. To Use: Apply 2-3 drops to entire face. Be sure to use with sun screen during the day! $120 for 1 oz.

BeansTalk Note
: Sonya Dakar has several skin treatments with great textures. For years, we’ve used the Omega-3 for Irritation (we have sensitive skin, we’re delicate like a flower petal, even though we have metaphorical skin of rhino) and love it. Dakar’s Hydrosoft is a very lightweight lotion that is one of their best sellers, and it sits nicely on top of this new (at least to us) Retinol Renewal System. We began what has evolved into a serum examination with a look at pore minimizers and our friends at Sonya Dakar suggested the Retinol Renewal System. We’re very pleased with the results and love the feel of the serum on our face.