Monday, November 19, 2007

The Must-See Unseen

BeansTalk Received This From Our Friend, Uber-stylist/Actor Phillip Bloch The Unseen Premiering on Starz Network November 2007

See our gorgeous friend completely transform himself through amazing acting!

Independent Spirit Award™ Nominee Lisa France, steps behind the camera again by directing an extraordinary Gothic drama on a shoestring budget all while harvesting breakout performances, most notably by newcomer Phillip Bloch.

While “The Unseen” does have tones of racism, it’s primary focus is on how severe and dramatic silencing a horrible crime can destroy trust and love amongst friends and family.

As third time writer/director, France began to cast the film it was important that each actor be truly committed to this independent film. It was an integral part of this movie making experience that each actor truly understand the life experiences of their character from the heights of happiness to the depths of despair and pain, thus is what inspired this extraordinary ensemble cast including Gale Harold, Steve Harris, Judah Friedlander, Catherine Dent, Michele Clunie and introducing Phillip Bloch.

Her choice of world-renowned celebrity stylist Phillip Bloch to play a blind, abused, shut-in was not a forgone conclusion or an easy decision. Still, after four months of intensive blind training at the Atlanta Center for the Visually Impaired, it became evident that chosing Bloch was the only choice for the leading role of Sammy. In this breakout performance, Phillip Bloch has stolen the hearts and imaginations of film festival audiences across the country.

It was also clear to France that this movie must be shot on location in the deep South, in the small town of Haralson. The town and its surroundings were not just a location, but a character with a personality and role in the story
France’s knowledge of each character, story and ability to pull performance from actors, has allowed audiences to experience the ultimate shock any parent would feel upon discovering a secret eating away at the innocence of their child. Although a tough subject to tackle, much like in “Anne B. Real,” France was sensitive to how to deal with the violence and pain by carefully using the lens in a creative style to only reveal what what was necessary, while still conveying the dramatic truth.

In “The Unseen,” France poignantly deals with the aftermath of this inexplicable crime and strong subject matter in a tasteful and touching script. The crime that goes “unseen” becomes a governing force in the lives of each character. Thematically, the film centers on how the unseen things in life can create massive conflict, pain, misunderstanding and loss if they are never spoken and then in return forgiven.

Viewing Schedule: The Unseen

Thursday, November 1 Starz InBlack (East) 4:30 PM ET/11:50 PM ET
Tuesday, Nov 13 Starz InBlack (East) 4:20 PM ET
Wednesday, Nov 14 Starz InBlack (East) 12:15 AM ET
Monday, Nov. 26 Starz InBlack (East) 4:20AM ET
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