Friday, November 02, 2007


BeansTalk advises our readers to dump their Valium. That's right. You do not need it. Not when you have a cute and handy portable massager tucked into your filing cabinet at work or your gym locker. Check out the super cool Medi-Rub Foot and Body Massagers. BeansTalk recently tried one at a pampering event for stars like Beau Bridges and Paula Abdul. We went from a 4 to a 10 just like that. As a matter of fact this little number was the "hot spot" of the whole event!

Our friend Becky from Medi-Rub revealed to us afterward, "We had so much fun and our products were a hit with stars and press alike. Beau Bridges sat down and tried the foot massager. He loved it and took it with him as he visited the other suites. Before we knew it, he came running back asking for the body massager, too. He just couldn’t have one without the other. I just had an email a few minutes ago from Joey Lawrence (CSI: NY) who got home and found that he had left the body massager at the suite. Of course we sent one out to him today asap along with his picture holding the product."