Monday, November 12, 2007

Our friend and fellow blogger Matt Meyerson sent us some dish on last week's bash at the Dussalt Apparel Motel on Melrose:

1) Gene Simmons walked the white carpet 3 TIMES!
2) It was snowing in L.A. on the white carpet, while an entire block of Melrose was shut down to accommodate this store launch. Word is Gene Simmons called his friend on the city planning commission and got the impossible accomplished.
3) MMA legends Bas Rutten and Randy Couture (decked out in a custom Dussault hoodie) were spotted at a table enjoying Fiji Water with Bas’s wife and Randy’s agent, Matt Walker.
4) Gene Simmons’ son was getting hit on by just about every cougar in the room. Though he stuck close to one cougar in particular all night, his mom, Shannon Tweed.
5) Criss Angel "Mindfreaked" Gene Simmons’ from receiving $1M dollar cheque and walked away with signed guitar from Gene. Imagine Gene losing $1,000,000. …
6) Kat Von D showed up fashionably late and barely clad with the son of the late Roy Orbison and was the coolest girl in the room stopping to take pics and talk with anybody who wanted to meet the LA Ink star, including the handful of bikini models who sat in the hot tub staged in the event.
7) Half of the LA Kings showed up to check out the bash that closed Melrose for a night including Rob Blake and top scorer Michael Cammalleri.
8) The VIP room bar was stocked full with a keg from Speakeasy beer.
9) DJ Skribble rocked the decks into the next morning wearing a custom Dussault hoodie.
10) Stephen Colletti, now living back in Laguna Beach, drove up to hang out at the party with a few pals while drinking Speakeasy beer.

Hey Matt, the party sounds like it was great fun, but if you ever call this BeansTalk staffer a cougar, we might have to kill you. (wink)