Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Smell Goodies® Keeps Dogs Smelling Fresh This Season

We love our Monty dog so much, you cannot imagine. He's our affectionate special-needs child. The only problem with him is that he is very, very stinky. His saliva could double as smelling salt. Ew.

So we were interested when we got this:

All a dog really wants for Christmas is a little extra love. And now, pooch moms and dads have discovered how to be good Santa Paws to their little angels. Smell Goodies, all-natural daily tablets, keeps both coat and breath smelling clean from the inside so dogs can be lavished with love on the outside, all through the holidays.

A tablet a day, wrapped in a soft treat, will not only make your dog’s spirit bright, but it will also keep your house smelling less like a kennel and more like a winter wonderland.

So whether dogs have been naughty or nice, they can have a fresh start for the New Year with Smell Goodies in their stocking!

Smell Goodies was recently selected 1 of 30 winners of the 2007 Pet Product News Editors’ Choice Award! Smell Goodies® comes in two different sizes: Smell Goodies for Small Dogs (under 40lbs). and Smell Goodies for Big Dogs (over 40lbs). Both retail for $15.95. For more info and retail locations please visit