Tuesday, November 27, 2007


"Jesse Dress", stretch linen, in fireglow, retails at $108

- "Gather Round Jacket", ruched sleeves in poplin, in white, retails at $115

- "Classic Men's Cargos", stretch twill, in earth, retails at $120

XCVI features interchangeable cotton outfits. Each item is available in over 30 colors.

Itching to expand her horizons beyond theater direction and acting, Gita Zeltzer began conceptualizing XCVI in the mid 1990's. She was influenced by the multi-layered and multi-ethnic cultural feel of Los Angeles, and she saw the "urban chaos" as a muse. Gita was inspired by the spirit of what others considered "everyday." In creating XCVI, she discovered that contemporary fashion was a new and dynamic space for her artistic expression.

In 1996 (or XCVI, in roman numerals) Gita, her son and her husband introduced the first season of XCVI from a storefront on Melrose.

Gita, together with designer Lilia Gorodonitski, manifested a shared vision: to develop wearable, moveable, breathable clothing for women who believe in style, but also believe in comfort. Today, XCVI is a cut-to-order operation, and works with retailers all over the United States. This past spring, XCVI was the top selling vendor in Nordstrom stores nationwide.