Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Fruits and Passion

When the temperature drops, our body's moisture seeps away. Everyone knows that skin dries and cracks in these conditions, but do you know that hair suffers just as much, if not more? Pollutants and free-radicals get blown away with a strong summer breeze, but in the dead of winter they stay stagnant and sit on already vulnerable winter hair.

Alas, Fruits & Passion has the answer in the form of a daily shampoo and conditioner that fortifies and restores natural protection to devitalized/fragile hair! The Protection-Brilliance formula is perfect for those days when hair needs an extra kick of moisture and super-strength pollution protection against wind, sun or pollution.

Other Hair Care formulas from Fruits & Passion's Hair Care collection include: Nutrition-Regeneration, Couleur-Vitalite, Equilibre-Volume and Tonique-Normal.
All formulas are available in a 6.7 fl oz. retailing for $19.00
and a 1.3 fl oz. retailing for $6.00.

Visit www.fruits-passion.com to see their full range of individual products and collections. From healthy and luxe household cleaning products, to sumptuous home fragrance treats, fresh-smelling pet pampering products, indulgent body and personal care, and freshly launched hair care and fragrance collections -- Fruits & Passion is a total wellness concept to fill every beauty and lifestyle need.