Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Sonya Dakar's Fabulous Drying Potion

Our friends over at Sonya Dakar have saved our hide one more time. We were afraid our face was beginning to look like a Halloween mask… and Halloween is over! Yes, unsightly zits occasionally intrude into our lives and beauty routine. Usually our regimen involves reacting to them with extra foundation make-up. Sonya Dakar now gives us a weapon to fight back! BeansTalk would like to join the chorus of endorsers, including the researchers at Allure Magazine and A-list celebrities, to sing the praises of the Drying Potion. With so many holiday parties on the horizon for us this season, it is nice to have a zit-buster in our cabinet to ensure we look our best!

Drying Potion: 'Hollywood's Secret Weapon'

The Overnight Solution for Breakouts

Perfect for both face and body breakouts
Great for regular breakouts or last minute pop-ups
Overnight solution for breakouts

Key Ingredients:
Dead Sea Sulfur
Lavender & Chamomile Extracts
Sage & Peppermint Extracts

Recognized by many as 'Hollywood's secret weapon', this emergency solution helps treat and eliminate breakouts both above and below the skin's surface. Formulated with Dead Sea sulfur to reduce redness and puffiness; pure lavender and chamomile to calm breakouts, sage to disinfect and peppermint to stimulate blood circulation to promote speedy healing.To Use:Shake well and dot directly on blemish.

Although Drying Potion is a great spot treatment for those annoying occasional breakouts, we suggest that you include a Sonya Dakar skin product regimen for a comprehensive solution for your acne.

The Drying Potion retails for $25.00 and can be found at: