Friday, November 09, 2007

Clear Skin by ClearPluss

Our friends at Clinic'estetica, a state of the art aesthetic medical clinic, are proud to introduce ClearPluss Acne Clearing Treatment…an original and uniquely designed at-home acne clearing product line for face and body (chest and back). ClearPluss is based on the theory and testing that has shown that acne has a trigger; when that trigger is disengaged acne outbreaks will be curtailed and possibly stopped. Each product in the line is a step-by-step acne clearing treatment. ClearPluss creates an accumulative positive result for controlling all types of acne while working to keep skin healthy and unmarred. Breakouts, swelling, and scarring become a distant memory.

Step 1: Acne Clearing Cleanser (SRP $18.50 8oz.) – an aggressive cleansing gel that effectively prepares the skin to deeply absorb the curative elements of ClearPluss™ and at the same time, rid the skin of dead cells and surface debris. It has been clinically proven to reduce surface bacteria (to its maximum) while helping control breakouts.
*Directions- Wet skin, apply a liberal amount of cleanser, use fingers and palms to vigorously massage cleanser into skin in an upward rotating motion. Rinse well with warm water. Pat dry gently, using white paper toweling. (Soft, white, disposable paper toweling is best for keeping surface bacteria at bay.)

Step 2: Acne Clearing Treatment (SRP $23.00 2oz) – a serum designed for daily use to reduce and/or eliminate the persistent irruption and appearance of acne, blackheads, and overly oily skin.
*Directions- Use twice daily at minimum - morning and night after cleansing. Spread a liberal amount of the clearing treatment over entire affected area. Leave it on to penetrate and dry.

Step 3: Acne Clearing Tonic (SRP $21.00 4oz.) – a tonic that is known to provide added visible results for skin prone to frequent and/or heavy breakouts and/or excessive sebum production. Regular in-between use will help reduce the persistence of acne. This original product is designed to stop and prevent further breakouts when used during the twice daily regimen with the Acne Clearing Treatment and as a preventative for travel induced breakouts when used before departure and upon arrival. No Cleansing is necessary at these times.
*Directions- Use daily in-between treatment with Acne Clearing Treatment for maximum results. To keep mild or occasional acne from irrupting, use daily when and where needed.

Step 4: Acne Clearing Moisture (SRP $21.00 4oz) – this moisturizer provides moisture to parched, ultra-sensitive, and at times, broken out skin. Acne Clearing Moisture helps reduce irritation and inflammation from acne, rosacea, and other sensitive skin conditions. The moisturizer is oil, fragrance, and preservative free and quickly absorbed.
*Directions- Use often when skin is dry and tight for a refreshed look and feel without added breakout.

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