Saturday, November 17, 2007

What Not To Hair

10 Helpful Tips for Hair Replacement and Extensions from Hair Art Inc.

Hair Piece Don'ts

(note: That is the back of Britney Spears' head -- she is probably the best public don't)

* Research the type of “hair” used in your hair piece. Unless it’s high quality real European hair (the only kind used by Hair Art), chances are your hair-piece could look fake.

* To maintain the most natural looking tresses, avoid the temptation to give your new hair piece any highlights.

* Don’t use a hair piece to totally change your look. If your natural hair is visibly straight, don’t curly

* Don’t get sloppy when attaching your hair piece. Follow your natural hairline so that your hair piece isn’t worn in the wrong place!

* If ever there was a time to get A-list treatment, this is it. Don’t trust just anyone with something as important as your hair, go to the most experienced professionals…go to Hair Art.

Extension Don'ts

* If it’s long luscious hair extensions you desire, go for it! But don’t get carried away, keep your extensions lengthy yet chic.

* If you’re going for a youthful, natural look, avoid colored hair extensions. Try shades that will enhance your natural hair color.

* Be cautious of pulling your hair up in styles that will reveal your hair extensions. No one needs to know your secret to gorgeous hair!

* You won’t fool anyone if your hair extensions are coarse and waxy looking. For the best results make sure that high quality, real hair is used for your hair extensions.

* Hair extensions are a fun way to try new things and experiment with new looks. However, adding curly extensions to straight hair may look a bit artificial and vice versa. Stick with your natural texture.

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