Thursday, March 20, 2008

Beach Blonding Series
with Rachel Lindy

Before you question why BeansTalk is writing about Blonding when none of the principals are blonde, we’d like to point out that one of our editors, Teena Hammond, although a self-proclaimed red-head, has often been referred to as a “strawberry blonde.”

At any rate, our friend Sadie sent this info over and if you have light locks you might want to check this out….

Blonding expert and owner of the Mathis Murphy Salon in Venice Beach, Rachel Lindy begins her "Beach Blonding Series" in May. The Beach Blonding Series is 10-12 week process that gets hair ultra blonde for summer. Rachel says, "Start the series with me in May you'll have the brightest blondest hair by 4th of July weekend."

Phase One begins with Rachel's customized Clarifying Treatment. This rids hair of all of the summer toxins, sunscreen, sweat, sand, chlorine, etc. Next, Rachel highlights on the natural base with her signature balayage painting style. If you want to look like the sun is responsible for those streaks, then you can't go too blonde the first time. In between Phase One and Phase Two of the Beach Blonding Series, Rachel says, "Please go out in the sun!" The sun will naturally pull out the highlights, so no hats until the next time you see Rachel.

Phase Two: Rinse and Repeat. Rachel clarifies hair again and then repeats Phase One. Except this time, Rachel throws in some extra highlights in two areas of the hair. She highlights anywhere the sun highlighted. Then Rachel paints a lighter color blonde around the hairline. This is what Rachel is famous for in Venice because she gives girls that true surfer girl blonde. Highlighting itty-bitty pieces along the hairline, right around the face, gives a halo effect that really brightens you up.

Phase Three: Go Blonde or Go Home. This is the time when Rachel really revs it up and pulls the blonde all the way through the hair from root to tips. Hair is popping with color and when all is said and done, her final touch is the clear gloss will be more sparkly and bright than a 4th of July firecracker.
Mathis Murphy Salon (1221 Abbot Kinney Blvd. Venice, CA 90291) (310) 396-5600.