Monday, March 03, 2008

Lockheart Has Our Heart

We’ve written enough about Isabella Fiore handbags for regular readers to know we’re big fans. Although we don’t wait in the lines anymore for their factory sales, we do opt to go right before they’re closing, to avoid the crowds. We’ve gotten some pretty gorgeous pocketbooks, but they are so heavy, even empty. We were very carried away with the craftsmanship, but they are in no way practical if you actually had to tote your purse around.

Anyway, it’s no surprise that we greatly esteem Lockheart Handbags, since they’re from the founders of Isabella Fiore. We’re told that they’re lighter in both purse bulk and hardware. We’ll check it out the next time we have the opportunity to view one in person. At any rate, these make ideal big-ticket gifts, they’re just gorgeous. We guarantee you guys, you propose with the ring hidden in one of these bags and there is absolutely no way you're not getting a