Friday, March 14, 2008

Stop Stinky Feet Now

When the Chairman of the Board was a toddler, there was little that would make him laugh as much as saying “Monty [his English Cocker] is a wiggle butt,” and, for some reason, “stinky feet!” We miss the giggles those little phrases would elicit.

Having stinky feet is never a good thing. Speaking of Monty, even with his Wookie feet, always shoeless, tromping about the tiny, muddy backyard of the BeansTalk offices, even he doesn’t have stinky paws. And for that matter [let me check; o.k.] neither does the COB.

But any adult, although perhaps loathe to admit it, may, at some point, suffer from less-than-sweet smelling tootsies. And a woman with odiferous feet may find herself categorized with tooters and burpers. Ick!

If you’ve experienced the same problem as we have, with insoles (let’s call them Dr. Moles, for example), as they bunch up or curl up, you might not trust insoles in general, but we’re open minded and are intrigued with the Finely Fragranced Insoles New Fragrant Footings™ by Summer Soles®. We haven’t tried them yet (we admittedly wear some version of a sandal nearly 95% of the time, even in winter) but they sound great. And, as we read up about them, they’re actually made to look good in sandals. Cool.

The rep tells BeansTalk that the insoles feature a “release [of] subtle bursts of jasmine, mint or lemon” with a “step-to-release technology.” They also cushion feet and absorb foot perspiration.

Since Stevie Nicks (who we adore) sings that she “wears boots all summer long,” she would be among the many who’d appreciate the virtues of this new product.

The insoles offer both Stay-dry and Cushioned styles. Summer Soles® founder and CEO Shannon McLinden says. “Regardless of whether you’re looking to relieve ball of foot pain when wearing your high heels or to reduce slipping or sliding due to perspiration during the summer months, my Fragrant Footings™ insole line is posh enough to complement your most prized Jimmy Choos or Ferragamos.”

How step-to-release technology works, per Summer Soles: Each time friction takes place, the step-to-release technology releases microscopic bursts of the finest essential oils from the soft fabric liners, which keep feet fragranced and feeling refreshed. “There are no heavy, smelly synthetic perfumes, just a soft, dry, natural aroma withthese Fragrant Footings™ insoles,” says McLinden.

The three essential oil scents available include:
- Bare Shoulder Smolder Jasmine – a freshly-picked-from-the-garden essence
- Garden Party Lemon – what freshly sliced lemon adds to pretty
- Kiss Me Till Morning Mint – a breathtakingly cool mint

Fragrant Footings™ have “peel and stick” liners that remove without leaving residue on the shoe bed. Designed for sandals and other open or closed shoes with leather or non-fabric interiors.

Available in two styles, in black and camel:
1. Absorbent Stay-Dry Comfort in full, trim-to-fit size ($15.00 retail for 2 pairs)
2. Cushioned Ball-of-Foot Pads ($11.00 retail for 2 pairs) and Three-Quarter Length Mini’s (15.00 for 2 pairs)

Fragrant Footings solutions for foot-related health problems:

1.Absorbent, full-shoe size insoles utilize a special non-woven, wool blend fabric that wicks moisture away from feet.

2.Cushioned, ball of foot pads and three-quarter length mini’s help reduce foot pain and protect bones and tissue when wearing uncomfortable shoes.

3.Fragranced with dry essential oils utilizing new step-to-release technology to help mask foot and shoe odors, pleasantly adding fragrance to feet.

Fragrant Footings™ insoles are now available and are available at
888-773-9626 Fragrant Footings by Summer Soles