Tuesday, March 04, 2008

THC Series Premiere: Strange History

Dangerous, terrifying, redemptive, uplifting, sex is the most fundamental of all human activities. And because of its power, it’s been surrounded with more myths and rituals, taboos and ceremonies, laws and prohibitions than any other. It has shaped cultures, started wars, and brought empires to their zeniths – and their knees.

Series Premiere
Strange History is a new series that plunders the globe to explore the relationship between humanity and its most powerful drive. Intriguing, compelling, fast-paced and forthright, each film spins three stories around a central theme. One will be historical, one anthropological, and one rooted in the contemporary West. Stories will be covered documentary-style, focusing on impressive access, beautiful photography, and expert storytelling. And they will be held together visually by stylish graphic packaging and a swift yet sophisticated narration.

New episodes: Monday, April 14, 21 & 28 at 10pm/2am ET/PT on The History Channel