Monday, March 03, 2008

Chopard’s the Charm

The proverbial rabbit’s foot, a dried-and-pressed four-leaf clover, whatever their talisman of choice, actors and actresses have long yearned for the lucky charm that would help push the Oscar in their direction.

Several recent Oscar winners may credit the creations of Caroline Gruosi-Scheufele of Chopard.

Charlize Theron, Hilary Swank, Rachel Weisz, Helen Mirren and Marion Cotillard all wore Chopard as they accepted their Oscars.

Marion Cotillard Winner 2008

Winner for Best Actress for her role in La Vie En Rose, Marion selected to layer Chopard’s champagne diamond briolette necklace (64 carats) with light and dark brown diamond bead necklaces (106 carats) and a square cut brilliant cut yellow diamond ring (15 carats).