Friday, March 14, 2008

Project Runway's Winner Soiree

Jane Cha, Executive Producer of Project Runway and VP of Full Picture Productions, hosted a dinner for this season’s winner Christian Soriano on the Marilyn Monroe Bridge at Dakota in the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. Also helping celebrate: fashion editors, stylists Cameron Silver, Jessica Pastor, Blair Late from The Rachel Ray Show & Intermix as well as filmmakers, agents, and rapper Eve.

Soriano displayed the dress he made for Victoria Beckham on the series final episode, as well as various other designs. Earlier that day he did fittings with Beckham at her Hollywood home, then proceeded onto Heidi Klum’s house – both are having him make clothing for them personally. Soriano will appear on Jay Leno’s show, as well as Ugly Betty shortly. Soriano, Eve and friends finished the evening at Teddy’s and danced the night away.

Image above: Cha, Soriano and Klum.