Wednesday, March 12, 2008

iWHITE Maintenance Stick
Pocket-Sized Teeth Whitener On-The-Go

Remedent’s iWHITE Maintenance Stick is a little lip gloss-sized wonder that brightens pearly whites on-the-go, which has one part breath freshener and one part teeth whitener.

The iWHITE Maintenance Stick is a two inch, two-sided whitener. First step, polish teeth and freshen breath by dipping wand in the liquid cleaning agent and apply to teeth. With its minty taste and scent, the iWHITE Maintence Stick can work in between meals or mid-date (eg. when reapplying lipstick in the bathroom).

Next comes the whitening. Flip the stick and use the wax-based, hydrogen peroxide whitening side. The wax is tough—it sticks and stays on teeth (unlike other whiteners that when painted on, disappear the moment you close your mouth). Scribble on the whitener like drawing with a crayon and let the solution remain on teeth until it dissolves naturally. For best results, try not to eat or drink for 15 minutes.

No mirrors necessary. You can feel where the whitening wax is on the teeth, as it coats the teeth with a thick layer of solution. And, if it gets in between the crevices or all over the mouth, that’s okay.

The iWHITE Maintenance Stick is $14.99. iWHITE products are available at CVS (April 2008) and online at,, and