Friday, March 21, 2008

Let's Start A

Rock Band

Yes, we know it’s been awhile since the Grammys, but BeansTalk's Chairman of the Board is extremely fixated on getting Rock Band for his prized Wii, and we think these pics are cute, taken at Distinctive Assets gifting suite.

Our COB is very down with his Guitar Hero and of his quartet of tight friends half of them have it. Another friend, SD, his closest friend who is not a boy, also has Guitar Hero.

Actual Conversation a couple of Fridays ago (dinner with SD’s family at Nichol’s):

COB to a classmate, a friend of SD, another girl, A: Do you know the Police song, “Message in a Bottle?”

A: Oh…yeah, (begins to sing the chorus)

COB: That is the best song on Guitar Hero!

The other interesting thing about Guitar Hero (and potentially Rock Band – we’ll have to see when the COB actually gets one) is that it has introduced him and his generation to a host of songs that were significant to BeansTalk’s CFO and ME. So there you go.

Teen sensation Miley Cyrus takes a break from her double life as Hannah Montana to show off her skills on Xbox 360’s hottest new game Rock Band at the 50th Annual Grammy Awards Gift Lounge on February 8, 2008 in Los Angeles, California. Country music star Taylor Swift (hey, we don't know who she is either) jams out on Xbox 360’s Rock Band, at the 50th Annual Grammy Awards Gift Lounge at the Staples Center, February 7, 2008.