Friday, March 28, 2008

Little Riddel Rings
Inspire Women, Girls

Holly Riddel is a jewelry designer on a mission to empower young women around the world. Her very simple, yet powerful new rings are intended to inspire and bring joy.

Little Riddel®, the creation by Riddel, helps remind young women of what’s important. Each ring has a tiny letter of the alphabet on it to help girls remember what matters most and inspires them in their life. The rings are designed to be stacked for multiple inspirational messages.

“I remember being 10 years old standing on the pitchers mound, my team yelling my name and cheering me on as I pitched to victory. That same feeling of being powerful and supported is always there when I need it,” says Riddel, a life long entrepreneur and daughter of a jewelry-designing Mom.

“Little Riddel is my way to share that feeling of being empowered, inspired or just not feeling alone, with girls everywhere. By using letters to represent words on a ring, young women are continually reminded of the people and events that bring them joy. Inspired by my baseball story, I wear a V for Victory!”

According to Riddel, one girl chose the letter L for Life so that she could make a difference in her lifetime like her grandparents. Another chose D for Dreams so she would never give up her dream of becoming a dancer. These rings are the beginning of a line dedicated to positive growth for young women.

Every Little Riddel ring has a tiny 4mm (1/8 inch) letter on the top and comes in a round metal tin. The rings have a little amethyst inside the band to bring forth the highest, purest aspirations of human kind in each woman. Amethyst is also known to provide the spiritual understanding required to reach the state of bliss and is considered the stone of transformation.

Katherine Moennig on the L Word has a Holly Riddel ring, as does Courteney Cox (who says she won’t take her ring off) and Paris Hilton was spotted wearing one. Little Riddel rings are available online for $ 44.00 per ring. or call (760) 904-8978.

About Holly Riddel Designs
A passionate creator of business concepts from a young age, Holly Riddel has created a design house for inspiration and realizing dreams in her Holly Riddel Designs business. Her company, which produces Dedication Rings® in addition to the revolutionary Little Riddel collection, is bringing Joy to women everywhere. Riddel’s zest for life and desire to have women experience their own magnificence are felt at every level of operations. What began as an expression of appreciation and love for humanity is rapidly becoming a movement that’s touching lives around the world.