Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Adieu, Paris.

Say goodbye (none too soon) to The Simple Life with Paris and Nicole forever when the series finale airs on Sunday, August 5 at 10:00pm on E!

From their first days on the road together to this final curtain call at Drama Camp on "The Simple Life Goes to Camp," ego-maniac and self-deluded Paris Hilton and the especially disrespectful and uninteresting Nicole Ritchie have done it all, seen it all and destroyed most of what was in their path. In this last escapade, Paris and Nicole write their own play in tribute to their decades long.... eh.. "friendship", enlisting the help of celebrity counselor Sally Kirkland to lead the production. This over-the-top theater performance worthy only of The Simple Life features Kirkland, the vivacious and eccentric actress, leading the girls and their campers through a crash course in Acting 101. Although Paris and Nicole gave Sally an emotional roller coaster of a ride during the rehearsals and casting, all was forgiven when Sally agreed to play the role of Nicole's father Lionel Richie in the performance.

What? Weird Sally Kirkland in black face? Frightening. Appalling.

Get off the air now, Paris and Nicole! Off!