Friday, July 27, 2007

Olfactory Treat

BeansTalk loves to assume a new “personality” by trying new fragrances. We love the new longer lasting Crystal Renee Eau de Parfum. With fruit notes inspiring a playful youthfulness and florals to add sultry sensuality, this scent is very versatile. Less additives enable a longer lasting scent.

Fragrance designer, Christopher Chambers, shares these tips for perfume shopping:
Shop in the morning when your nose is fresh and less affected by pollutants, food and other smells.
1. Don't spritz into the air. You need to know what the perfume will smell like on you.
2. Don't try more than 3 or 4 fragrances at one time.
3. Allow dry down time. After you have had the perfume on for at least one hour you'll know what it really smells like.
4. Clear your nasal passages in between tests to bring your nose back to neutral. Sniff coffee beans or even your shirt.
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