Monday, July 23, 2007

BeansTalk’s Skin Care Memo to our Male Readers
(or to the Women who shop for them…)

Clear off his counter top and make room for some quality products. SeaOra's men's products were formulated just for men so your guy doesn't have to feel girly using a moisturizer.
Help him combat fine lines and wrinkles with SeaOra's Firming Anti-Aging Cream for Men. Lightly scented and enriched with essential Dead Sea minerals and Ginseng, this cream also contains all-natural Aloe Vera extract and Almond Oil. Silicon and Vitamin A improve skin's firmness and elasticity. You will love the way SeaOra's cream leaves your guy's face feeling. The cream should be applied to the face and neck in a circular motion in the morning and the evening. Apply it for him and see where that leads... Retail $29.99

Start your guy’s day with a kiss and the subtle masculine scent of SeaOra's After Shave Balm. This unique balm combines Green Tea extract, Dead Sea minerals and Silicon to provide optimum moisture balance . Grape Seed Oil and Aloe Vera soothe and calm any bumps or irritation. Retail $19.99