Thursday, July 12, 2007

Hey Slow Down!

Looney tune Paula Abdul contends with exhaustion, a snowstorm and three different cities in the fourth episode of Bravo's new series "Hey Paula,” on Thursday, July 12, at 10PM ET/PT.

A big animal lover, Paula's scheduled to host the In Defense of Animals charity event benefiting animal victims of Katrina, but her "American Idol” duties cause her to run hours late, and the show must start without her. Back at home, Paula meets with her staff to prepare for another whirlwind trip involving the next QVC show and a Late Show with David Letterman appearance that she's nervous about. Coming off a red-eye, Paula arrives in Philly exhausted but still meets fans, does three QVC shows and fits in an online chat. Next stop New York, until a major snowstorm rolls in, forcing her to stay in Philly another night and potentially jeopardizing her appearance on Letterman the next day.

BeansTalk marvels at how Paula’s handlers have allowed the star to allow cameras to follow her around at all. As in a previous episode where Paula is tantruming about how people have reacted to her slurry and bizarre press junket interviews – it is clear no one around her knows how to say “no” to her, or has the guts to do it. If she is not careful she will follow in the footsteps of the stars of “Being Bobby Brown.”