Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Big "O" in Oversized

Big Bags

Lest you think we're suddenly promoting overnight bags, these purses (yes, purses) were featured on many of the runways. The above bag is a Chanel bag that allegedly costs $45,000. Yes, you read that right. Look for Vanessa (Mrs. Kobe) Bryant to have one. Or one of the Olsen Twins.

There was a time when free and fancy-footed gals toted around their Passport wherever they went. We believe the theory was, you never knew when someone was going to sweep you off to Paris (despite the exhorbitant airfares and no direct flights from LAX).

But the move to the biggest bag you could possibly design, short of a garment bag, in which you cart around your weeks' wardrobe....We find this new trend fascinating. It's likely to give much added coin to chiropractors and physical therapists. We predict carpal tunnel, tendonitis.

At least with this kind of purse, you can carry your full size hair spray, hair dryer, your Burberry coat (in case you get a chill), your Lulu Guiness umbrella (in case it rains), your ten-year-old son, as well as his best friends.

You get what we're saying, right? Big, in this case, in this trend, is better. For the time being. Or until your husband refuses to carry your "ridiculous" handbag anymore.