Monday, July 30, 2007

The Bean on BeansTalk

We could not resist featuring a product with our name. Besides, we are quite sure that this is an inside fitness secret with all of our favorite A-list celebrities.
from their website:
How it works: The Bean Super Crunch

The Bean works the upper and lower abs, the obliques, and the core all at the same time, working them faster, better and more effectively than any other device or machine on the market.
The rocking motion of The Bean allows you to automatically combine three exercises in one: a crunch, a pelvic tilt, and a leg raise. You are increasing the effects on both the upper and lower abs, and it's this rocking action that's doing all the work.
The Bean's Super Crunch makes your workouts more effective in less time. You get a crunch, pelvic tilt, and leg raise with one rocking action of The Bean.

5-in-1 Exercise Tool
The Bean is an all-in-one workout tool that will not only help strengthen your core and give you flat abs fast, but also offers a total body workout. It is so versatile that you can use your Bean with other fitness programs to enhance your workouts and get incredible results. Use it as a better way to do Yoga or Pilates - the floor is no longer an option, and The Bean will support your back and neck 100%, so you have no back pain

To order call 1 800 540 2879