Thursday, July 26, 2007

E! Begins Fifth Season of Dr. 90210 Monday July 30

New Season Features New "Big Brother" Doctor, More High Profile Patients and Plenty of Family Drama in America's Most Famous Zip Code

The hit series "Dr. 90210," returns to E! for a fifth season with 13 new episodes featuring all new patients and some celebrity names, including supermodel Angie Everhart, a "Deal or No Deal" model and a new doctor in "Big Brother 2" winner Will Kirby. Featured among the plastic surgery stories are procedures that can change lives -- from breast augmentations and labiaplasty to eye reconstruction and Botox injections for migraines and excessive sweating. But these doctors' lives are not all surgery. The drama at home heats up for them this season with relationship issues, new babies, money problems and Dr. Rey's yearning to reconnect with his father following more than two decades of estrangement, all adding stress to the heavy workloads of the high-profile surgeons. The fifth season of "Dr 90210" premieres Monday, July 30 (10:00 p.m., ET/PT) on E!

Viewers have been riveted by Dr. Robert Rey's struggle to balance his passion for medicine and martial arts with his wife Hayley and their two children since the series premiered in 2004. In this new season, Dr. Rey turns his attention to building stronger bonds within his immediate family. In addition, his work with young people prompts Dr. Rey to seek reconciliation with his own father in Sao Paolo, Brazil, following more than twenty-five years of infrequent communication. Despite the ups and downs with his family, Dr. Rey's enthusiasm for martial arts is stronger than ever as he serves as a "ring doctor" for TFA (Total Fighting Alliance), and earns his blue belt in Jujitsu this season.
Also returning for Season Five of "Dr. 90210" are: Dr. David Matlock, newly single and looking for a gorgeous live-in roommate to help him fill the void of a big, empty house; Dr. Diamond who, along with his wife, has invested way more money in a new restaurant than his accountant advised and who has also purchased a Beverly Hills office/surgical center in need of expensive renovation; Dr. Motykie, who is training for a body building competition and salsa dancing with a hot and sexy instructor; Drs. Susan and Brian Evans, who are in the midst of a major home renovation and are about to welcome their fourth child; Dr. Li and her husband Bill, who return for Season Five with their own new baby, Alexis; and Dr. Alter, who balances his life-altering work with weightless floats in a Vegas zero gravity chamber.

Joining "Dr. 90210" this season is Dr. Will Kirby, the winner of the reality show "Big Brother 2." Dr. Kirby has recently completed his residency in Cosmetic Dermatology and is ready to take Beverly Hills by storm. This seemingly eligible bachelor actually has a girlfriend back east, and the long distance relationship takes its toll until Dr. Kirby asks her to move out west with him and leave her New York life behind.

In this fifth season, as always, there is no shortage of absorbing stories or compelling personalities. The premiere episode kicks off with Tameka, one of Howie Mandel's briefcase-toting models from "Deal or No Deal" who undergoes a breast augmentation and tattoo removal, and then focuses on Kristy, a bounty hunter in training who gets a breast augmentation after joining her fiancé's bail bonds company. Later in the season model Angie Everhart receives Botox in her jaw to battle migraines and adult film star Jesse Jane has surgery to correct a previous breast augmentation that was badly done. Viewers also get a chance to witness an A-List celebrity's niece, undergoing a breast lift and implant procedure.

Season Five brings some "family time" to the operating suite, as Dr. Matlock's brother, Richard, and his girlfriend Eman take the plunge with a new type of lipo, Dr. Kirby's mom, Judy, gets a liquid facelift, and Mike "Boogie" Malin, "Big Brother," depends on his pal Dr. Kirby's expertise with a sensitive medical issue.
There are plenty of stories of personal trial and triumph along the way. Breast cancer activist Greta, who has suffered through numerous unsuccessful reconstructive surgeries, is desperate to finally get the job done right; Joe, who suffers from a hidden penis, seeks out a particularly skillful touch, and Landon, a popular high school student who lost an eye with fireworks, is hoping for normalcy. Add to these stories a female-to-male transsexual getting his breasts removed, an ugly duckling to swan makeover from Boise and a perky radio personality hoping to move into TV with her new nose, and you have an entire season of incredibly diverse and fascinating procedures.